Way..... Out there !

Way..... Out there !
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Sunday, April 1, 2012


It's spring again... and an old geezer's heart turns to thoughts of veggies, springing from the earth in his back yard, a miraculous bounty usually enjoyed mainly by squirrels and sometimes by humans.

Still, he forges ahead, buying a half-whiskey barrel and filling it with dirt from a plastic bag in hopes of future greenery. Perhaps the presence of a catnip bush in the older tub is inspiring.... if catnip can grow so lush, just maybe some radishes or herbs, or even a pepper or two, might happily occupy the new tub.

And working on only the tubs makes it possible to avoid, for the moment, thinking about the hoeing and digging awaiting in the larger garden beds on the hill just behind the tub plantation. There, tomatoes and a panoply of larger veggies will find a home, if only the lazy gardener can get a wiggle on.

For now, too, it's almost therapeutic to watch the birds and squirrels celebrate spring. There's seeds and peanuts for them both in the feeders scattered around the place. Food paid for with songs and clown acts in the trees overhead.

Spring! It blooms in my heart as well as the garden. And now, back to work.

John L.