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Way..... Out there !
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Save Our Libraries ! UPDATED AGAIN !!

Public libraries are essential to our civilization, our future, and our freedom. They support our children, directly and through the schools; they are a resource for businesses small and large; they support parents and senior citizens; and they provide information and entertainment for all the people of our county, state, and nation.

NOTE added later: This week, April 10-17, 2011 is National Library Week! Visit your local library and let them know how much you love them!

Yet, as governments watch their tax income dwindle from the lingering effects of the recession, libraries have become vulnerable to the budget-cutters' axes. This is particularly true for the Anne Arundel County Library System. Already cut to the bone, this treasure of our area is now being asked to cut back even more, threatening all of us with a loss of its essential services.

This week, Bay Weekly – an excellent newspaper distributed free to all here – has joined the fight to protect and, if possible, to restore our beleaguered library system. Take a look at their great reports on the system's new administrator, "Skip" Auld, and on the slightly better-off Calvert County Library System.

Then show up at one of the three remaining Town Hall meetings: March 17 at the Annapolis branch, March 24 at North County, and March 31 at South County – all at 7 p.m. – to pledge your support for our county libraries. And – especially – write, call, or fax our county executive and council members to let them know just how important these bastions of knowledge and support for our children's education are to you.

The phone numbers, email addresses, and postal mail addresses are all available from the AACPL homepage (click on the "to learn more ... click here" link), the Bay Weekly story, and at the Town Hall meetings.

Save Our Libraries!
John L.

Update: The St. Patrick's Day meeting in the Annapolis library was packed! More than 300 people jammed into the library's main room (too many for the meeting room), SRO (standing room only)! They even gave a round of loud, sustained applause for the librarians! Maybe there's hope yet... The final Town Hall at the South County Branch (SCO) in Deale was again a full house, SRO! Among those present was our District 7 County Council member, Jerry Walker who pledged his support. With any luck, these boffo performances will translate into a blizzard of constituent correspondence and a corresponding improvement in the library system's financial situation.