Way..... Out there !

Way..... Out there !
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Notes - February 2010


Lex and Stan Robertson at 1494 Kingsway Court have a long driveway and no reasonable way to clear it. Lex wrote: "Stan and I desperately need help with our driveway..he's getting ready to start clearing with his small scooper, ...." Today, thanks to some helpful neighbors, they're out! Lex reported, "Thanks to Glenn Peed and Charlie Ball, Stan and a mystery person, I'm out and was able to get to work today. Grateful appreciation to all who helped me."

Amy and Steve at 2133 Hallmark Dr. needed someone to shovel out their driveway and walk, preferably with a snow blower.They were "hoping someone has a snowblower and maybe a teenager willing to make some $....we are about shoveled out here." And someone came to the rescue! Amy reported, "I was lucky enough to find a kind neighbor to help."

[And if anyone answers this call for help, please let me, John Ludwigson, know too. I wouldn't mind knowing a willing shoveler. Heaving snow isn't a recommended activity for us 70+ year old geezers!]


And from Ed Rothe whose neighbors dug him out, thanks and a before-and-after photo:
"Nancy and I wish to give a big thank you to our kind neighbors on Branchwood Terrace; Fred, Carl, John & Bob who have worked so hard to keep the cul-de-sac and driveways plowed. Can Spring be here too soon?"

9 February 2010
JL -- see #Snowpocalypse on Twitter

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