Way..... Out there !

Way..... Out there !
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Monday, January 4, 2010

HWPOA's Moving Meeting

Puzzlement! When is the Hallmark Woods Property Owners Association annual meeting?

The official, mailed letter notification says it's on Monday, January 11. But the HW website now says it's on Wednesday, January 13 !! That is, unless you go to the Community Calendar offered therein which still says it's on Monday, January 11.

Maybe we should all show up on both dates? Party hardy? A sort of community pub crawl?

Gosh, sorta tough to plan ahead around here.

John L.

P.S. Anyone planning to volunteer to be a HWPOA director for next year? Time to get your nomination in order before the meeting — whenever it may be.


jenngarman said...

John, it was an honest mistake. I hope you were just being sarcastic -- a hard-sell emotion via on-line text -- all intentions were for the best. Chalk it up to trying to multitask. Please, let us mend and look onward and upward . . . change is good, in any form :)


John Ludwigson said...

Not to worry, we all found the meeting Ok. And how I love these conclusive events! At least I got a very nice community directory out of it. Thank you!

John L.