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Way..... Out there !
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Annual Meeting Meets Again—UPDATE #2 1/2

The HWPOA annual meeting will be held on Thursday, February 4, at 7:00 p.m. in the Village Commons Community Center, 1326 Main Chapel Way, in the Village at Waugh Chapel Shopping Center, at Waugh Chapel Road and Maryland Route 3 N.

We did not have a quorum at the January 11 meeting, so this re-meet has been scheduled. The VCCC has plenty of room and plenty of parking spaces, and is easy to get to with a short drive from Hallmark Woods.

I'll post more information here as it becomes available. For now, mark the date on your calendar and plan to come out and support your community. A formal announcement letter should be out shortly.

John L.

UPDATE: If you just cannot make it to the meeting, please fill out the proxy form included with the announcement and hand it to someone you trust to vote your interests (don't leave it in a mailbox or newspaper tube). The two signatories to the letter would be a good choice, IMHO. You could also designate me (or any other homeowner who will be at the meeting) if you wish.

Red Face Department: Turns out that, according to the most recent iteration of our documents, a quorum for the meeting will be 56 homeowners (i.e., 60% of the homes), not the 47 (half of the 93 homes in Hallmark Woods) mentioned in the letter. That means that your presence, or proxy, is even more important.

26 January 2010

UPDATE #2 1/2: Well, 18 live bodies holding 13 proxies turned up at the meeting tonight, Feb. 4. So there will be one additional meeting, now scheduled for Thursday, February 25, at 7 p.m. The location will be the same—the Village Commons Community Center. Maybe this time there won't be the threat of #snowpocalypse (as the twitter hashtag goes). And, NOTE: whoever shows up, plus the proxies, will constitute a legal quorum.

4 February 2010

P.S. I have posted a few snow photos from today along with my album from December on Facebook at: tiny.cc…XA3uk

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