Way..... Out there !

Way..... Out there !
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

We Aren't the First to Live Here...

This point was found here in early September by Nancy Rothe while she was digging potatoes in her back yard garden.

Archeologists at an AA County Chapter meeting of the Archeological Society of Maryland agreed that this projectile point is made of rhyolite, a volcanic rock that is not found locally (the rocks underlying Hallmark Woods are primarily sedimentary). It probably came from a site in Frederick County, Maryland. The Indians are known to have traveled there to collect material to bring back home to flake their points..

It is a 'dart point' rather than an arrowhead, which means it was hafted to a spear which was thrown with an atlatl, a sort of throwing stick that enabled greater speed and range.

The tip and stem are broken off, which is not uncommon in such finds. Points were valuable, so unless lost they were re-flaked and reused, and were not discarded until broken beyond repair. The point appears to be from the Archaic period of ca. 2000 b.c.

The archeologists agreed that it is probable that more could be found nearby, so keep your eyes open, and you may get lucky.

Nancy Rothe