Way..... Out there !

Way..... Out there !
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Rainscaping — Keep Pollution Out of the Bay

The Rainscaping campaign is underway... there 's a website, signs you can post, example rain gardens to visit, and now a video on YouTube featuring the program's sparkplug, Zora Lathan. In a recent report to participants, she wrote:

The RainScaping Campaign—an Environmental Partnership for Stormwater Runoff Solutions—currently has 37 (and growing) partners, all with a common purpose of improving the health of our tributaries and the Chesapeake Bay by motivating a critical mass of residents to make RainScaping the norm in Anne Arundel County. After more than a year of planning and development, the RainScaping Campaign, including RainScaping.org, was officially launched on Earth Day, April 22, 2009, to encourage residents to practice “RainScaping…Beautiful Solutions to Water Pollution.” RainScaping, aka Low Impact Development (LID), is a broad term for a series of landscaping technique, including the installation of rain gardens, using rain barrels, planting native trees and shrubs, replacing impervious surfaces with permeable surfaces and more—all of which reduce polluted runoff.....

Check it out. Consider installing a rain garden in your own yard. Or a rain barrel to catch some of the wasted water from your house's downspouts. Or volunteer to help out. Little by little we can Save The Bay!

John L.

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Scoop said...

If you get a chance to hear Zora Lathan give a presentation at the library or elsewhere, she well worth the time.