Way..... Out there !

Way..... Out there !
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Monday, December 29, 2008

Bush-Whacked !

   On Monday, December 22, the coldest day of the year (max 26° F), disaster descended on our faithful old entrance plantings. Even the stalwart old Holly was ripped out by the roots and thrown away, to be seen no more. 

    In place of the old guard, a swarm of newbies appeared upon the freshly denuded beds, looking hopeful as they waited to be settled in their new homes. By then, even our old split-rail fences had been yanked from their positions and hauled away.

    Shoveling briskly (it was the next day, but no warmer!), a crew from the nursery (Green Landing Nursery of Upper Marlboro) set the transplants in their new homes. Unbagging the mulch from the stack on the truck, they lavished it on the new residents. 

   Voila!  Behold the fabulous new entrance area of Hallmark Woods. 

   Of course, in all honesty, this is supposedly just Phase One. Depending on how things go at our annual meeting, now scheduled for Wednesday, January 21, Phase Two should come along in spring when it's warm enough to finish the plantings. 

   So please do come to the annual meeting: there will be many very important things to discuss and vote on!

John L.

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