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Way..... Out there !
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Annual Meeting Approaches — UPDATE !!

    It's almost time once again for the annual Hallmark Woods "Theater of the Absurd", aka the HWPOA annual meeting.  As of now, it's scheduled for January 12, 2009, most likely at 7:00 pm and probably (since the county library meeting room is already taken for that date) in a garage at 2173 Hallmark Drive. 

    I call it absurd since usually only a small fraction of homeowners actually show up. Some apparently just don't care; some just unthinkingly check off a proxy form and send it in; but at least a few stalwart citizens do their duty and actually appear and participate in the discussions and voting. Hats off to them!  

    This year, if you can't participate in person, please take a moment to read your proxy form* carefully and indicate your preferences for the future of our community. Better yet, give your proxy to a neighbor who will be at the meeting and who will vote as you desire. Best of all, drag yourself to the meeting, where you can meet your neighbors (including the incumbent directors) and voice your opinions in person. 

    And if you think you'd like to really help out, throw your hat in the ring and run for one of the two director posts that will be open. Time for some new blood there!  

John L.

From the Horse's Mouth:  The meeting will be on Wednesday, 21 January at 2173 Hallmark Drive at 7:00 p.m. If we don't have a quorum (the usual case), a second meeting will convene on Monday, 26 January at 7 p.m. in the same place (probably the garage out in the woods). 

     * Note that this year the announcement letter did not include a proxy form, as it did in previous years. You can still vote by proxy, but you'll have to draft your own form: it should simply state that you award your proxy on all matters to [name of your preferred representative here] at the Hallmark Woods 2009 Annual Meeting and any subsequent meetings, and be signed and dated using your full name and including your address. 



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