Way..... Out there !

Way..... Out there !
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Elf Attack !!

The weeds stood no chance. A  horde* of (Hallmark) woods elves, wielding weapons fearsome even by medieval standards, descended en masse upon them this morning. Ripping, slicing, hacking, sawing... they cut their way through the unsuspecting weeds with fierce determination borne of months of frustration. In the end, only the revered old plants (the venerable Holly, his worthy companions Euonymous, and a pyracantha or two) remained standing upon the liriope-rimmed entrance beds. 

And the elves departed, melting once again into the (Hallmark) woods, leaving no trace of their ferocious onslaught, save only the piles of formerly sturdy weeds now secreted among the trees of the surrounding forest. Yet, their battle cries still echo there: "That's better!"... "Much better!"... "We done good!"... "Death to weeds!"  

A wandering photographer happened by after the battle and recorded the scene:

H. W. Elf

*...at least ten of 'em, according to an observer hidden amongst the trees. It should be noted that this was an unofficial band of elves. It was organized by one of them (not your humble editor) since our board of directors has refused for at least a year to do anything about the entrance weeds.  

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