Way..... Out there !

Way..... Out there !
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Raising the Dead

The Hallmark Woods Front Entrance Landscape Renovation Planning Committee lives!  Although clearly dissolved on July 28 by an unfortunate memo posted on the community website, at last night's board of directors meeting it was miraculously brought back to life!  

There are a few changes, however. It will now have a chairman appointed by the HWPOA president, and several more stringent reporting requirements (which will be part of that chairman's duties).  On the bright side, the newly-resurrected committee will now have until November 15 (when the 2009 budget must  be prepared) to report its recommendations to the HW directors. The new version also will  have more members: inistead of the five of the former incarnation (of whom three have declined to serve on the resurrected version), it will now have somewhere around ten. If you'd like to volunteer, or have some good ideas to offer, contact the president at the email link above. 

Should you just want to track what the committee is up to, you have two choices: read the minutes of their meetings on the HWPOA website; or actually visit one or more of the meetings, which will be announced on that website.*  Or, you could just wait until January when, presumably, the results will be announced at the community's annual meeting.  

For even more details, consult the minutes of last night's (25 August 2008) meeting, also to be found on the HWPOA website.  

John L.

P.S.  Rumor has it that the rampant weeds at our entrance will be attacked by a platoon of civic-minded volunteers sometime in  September. – Yes! The date is this Saturday, September 20,  from 9 to 11  in the morning. Meet at the entrance; bring a hoe or pruning shears... 

*  The resurrected committee will hold its first meeting Friday, September 12, at 7 p.m. See the HWPOA website for details. – Ooops! There wasn't any meeting announcement there at all!  Maybe minutes will show up sometime.

woodsblog... is Independent !

At last night's HWPOA directors' meeting our president asserted that some folks see woodsblog... as a publication of the association.  Wrong!  woodsblog... is an independent voice for the residents of Hallmark Woods – and a personal blog of your humble (!) Editorus Rex (see sidebar).  

A lengthier paragraph on this blog and its role is at the bottom of every page here. Please read it. And help out by contributing an essay or comment. All that's required is that you live here, and that you're civil.

John L.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stuff It !

Whilst contemplating the weeds at our entrance and what to do about them, perhaps this bit of deep philosophical analysis will suggest a way forward.  


John L.