Way..... Out there !

Way..... Out there !
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weedy, weedy, weedy....

Hallmark Woods' poor neglected entrance area is growing a lush crop of crabgrass and other native – but not necessarily welcome – flora. Of course, the various bushes and other plantings lovingly installed years ago also are growing luxuriantly – but haphazardly, without the slightest hint of pruning. 


Obviously, our entrance - our "front door" - needs some attention. But what?  Should we simply maintain it as is (but without the weeds!)?  Add some plantings – bushes, flowers, trees – but keep the beds as they are? Or go "whole hog" and start over from scratch (far and away the most expensive, and most problematical option)?

The Hallmark Woods Entrance Area Landscaping Committee (see previous entry) has prepared a survey and distributed it to every house in the community asking your opinions, thoughts, and suggestions on this. The survey form also asks for your estimate of what you might be willing to pay for the options you suggest,and for maintenance of the area in subsequent years. 

Please return your survey forms as soon as possible*  to any member of the committee listed in the accompanying cover letter. Just tuck it into the member's newspaper tube, or knock on the door and hand it to us: we'd be glad to meet you and discuss the matter with you. 

and Thank You Very Much !!

John L.

*  Despite the recent fuss over our activities, we'd still welcome your filled-out survey forms as above.  Or you could email your comments on the landscaping to our HWPOA president.