Way..... Out there !

Way..... Out there !
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Scurrilous, Underhanded, Evil Political Nonsense

It has come to our attention that a certain video pretending to be honest, moderate advocacy for a political party is actually devious, sneaky, despicable denigration of one party and its wonderful leader, our ever-popular emperor,  Bush II.  Secure in the conviction that people must judge (or enjoy, as the spirit moves you) this bit of dastardly backstabbing for themselves, I offer it here...  

    Please hold the applause: it's the least I can do for my country.  

Should the above Flash video not appear for you, go to I'm Voting Republican.*

Your ever-vigilant moderator, the brown thumb himself...

John L.

* Please note: this post is not sponsored by any recognized political entity, human or otherwise.

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