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Monday, June 2, 2008

Joy of Homeowners Associations...

This past Sunday, the Washington Post Business section included a story on the problems that can arise when homeowners associations lose track of their obligations to serve the members of the communities they represent.  It's a common, all-too-frequent, tale of missed connections and non-responsiveness, worth reading and taking to heart here as well as elsewhere....

As Disputes Escalate, So Can the Legal Bills
By Elizabeth Razzi
Sunday, June 1, 2008; F05

Beware the homeowners association squabble that escalates. Back-fence grousing over parking restrictions, architectural rules or allegations of cronyism can grow into civil war, and homeowners -- the source of all money in the association -- can end up paying big legal bills, no matter which side wins.
One long-running fight in Montgomery County shows why homeowners who serve as directors of their association had better pay strict attention to the details of good governance. People can be surprisingly dogged about how their dues are spent, how elections are held (even for thankless board-of-director jobs), and about how the rules are made, changed and enforced.
For Jo-Ann Fiscina, a decade-long resident of the Devonshire East Homeowners Association in Rockville, the battle with the board started back in 2005.

The full story is here.

Note that Montgomery County has a useful service for resolving these conflicts. I don't think Anne Arundel County has any such mediation service... but it should.  Maybe if we contacted our county legislators?

John Ludwigson

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