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Way..... Out there !
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trash Delivery?

At our home (2129 Hallmark Drive) something occurred last week that has me perplexed. My elderly mother lives with us so she sees everything that occurs outside the house. 

On Thursday morning February 21, a maroon late model pick-up truck (Ford or Chevy) stopped in front of my driveway. The vehicle approached from the dead-end, heading toward Rt. 450. The driver was an elderly man, maybe mid 60's. As we all know, Thursday is trash day, and thus my cans were out on the road. This gentleman got out of his truck, pulled out a large, white plastic trash bag and placed it in my trashcan.

Needless to say, I found this to be odd at least, and criminal at worst, so I guess I have a few questions:

  •  Why would someone do this?
  •  What would be so disgusting, toxic, or illegal that it would require a person to put their trash in some one else’s receptacle?
  •  Does anyone in the neighborhood know who this might be?

I regularly see at least one maroon pick-up truck pass by, but I don't want to be accusatory. 

If any one can shed some light on this matter, it would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Lewis


John L. said...


While out walking a day ago I noticed a maroon pickup that seemed to belong to the person who's been sort of house-sitting at a home up Hallmark Drive. Just possibly his only other option would have been to take the trash to his own home and he just thought it easier to dump it in your container.

Michael Lewis said...

John -- I guess that scenario is a possibility but I find it quite unlikely. I'm certain that the house he is taking care of has trashcans. Wouldn't he have access to the owner’s receptacles? Thanks for the information but with all due respect, I don’t think that’s the situation here.

Michael Lewis
2129 Hallmark Drive