Way..... Out there !

Way..... Out there !
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Monday, February 4, 2008

Out of the Woods...

Welcome neighbors!

This blog is primarily for and about residents of Hallmark Woods, a shady green oasis in central Anne Arundel county, Maryland. It may stray, however, as the mood of your editor moves him. 

There will be links, perhaps in the sidebar, perhaps on page two; with any luck there may be a little, genteel, controversy; there may be some ecstatic comments on the sheer joy of living in such a wonderful forest haven as we have here.
Much more to come! For now, welcome...

John L.

PS:  Feel free to comment on anything you see here... just click the Comments link below  and type away!

1 comment:

robink said...

Hi John and Hallmark Woods Residents,

John, I think your bog is a wonderful idea!

We moved here approx 18 months ago. Must admit that I was hesitant to leave the home that I grew up in, but have to admit, I have no regrets. We purchased here because of the lovely area, so close to everything, yet feel like country. The neighbors are always friendly and welcoming, providing a smile and a wave. It’s a community in which I'm proud to live. Good neighbors, welcoming environment, and a beautiful landscape.

What a good feeling to be home at Hallmark Woods! :)

Robin Krause